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Factors to Consider When Replacing a Water Heater

5 Reasons to Avoid DIY Water Heater Installation

  1. Ensuring the right water heater for your specific needs
    Selecting the appropriate water heater involves more than simply replacing it with a similar-sized model. With the many sizes and options available today, factors such as fuel source, energy efficiency, fast recovery, venting requirements, and anticipated demand must all be carefully considered. Recent changes in energy efficiency standards have also affected tank sizes, impacting how a new water heater fits into your existing space.
  2. Compliance with local codes and ordinances
    Water heater installation regulations vary from city to city. Professional contractors are well-versed in the rules and regulations specific to each area, ensuring compliance with local codes.
  3. Access to necessary materials and expertise
    Installing a water heater involves more than just connecting a water line. Professional contractors come equipped with all the necessary fittings, pipes, parts, tools, venting materials, and valves required for a proper installation. They have the knowledge and experience to complete the job correctly the first time. Moreover, many contractors offer the added benefit of removing and disposing of your old water heater.
  4. Repair potential instead of replacement
    In cases where your water heater experiences issues like a defective heating element or faulty valve, a professional contractor can often repair it instead of recommending a full replacement. Their expertise can distinguish between a minor repair and an unnecessary investment in a new water heater.
  5. Safety and security provided by professional contractors
    Professional contractors are licensed and bonded, prioritizing your safety. They typically offer warranties for their installations, ensuring peace of mind. Additionally, all their work is subject to inspection by local building authorities as required by code, providing further protection for your family’s well-being and safety.