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Who We Are


The founder of Cool Air Pros comes from a second generation construction family, and has been in the construction trade since he was ten years old and found his profession highly rewarding.


I went into the HVAC business because I felt like I could make a difference. I saw that there were several HVAC contractors who would take advantage of clients, selling them parts or services that the systems do not require. Being honest with my clients and trying to do good for them by offering fair prices and great quality means something to me personally. When I offer solutions to a homeowner, I give them options. I offer them everything from:

  • A band-aid solution (just to patch the problem)
  • A better choice (solve the issue permanently)
  • The best choice (solve it and add extra value for comfort)

I want to build a company where all the employees line up with my business and ethical philosophy from the first point of contact to my techs packing up tools and completing a job. What I enjoy about my trade is working with my hands. I like to find the issue, trouble shoot it, and correct it. I do not like techs who do the bare minimum in my line of work. These actions give honest workers a bad reputation for the HVAC techs that actually try to do what is right for the clients.


This gets asked all the time! The truth is, maintaining a comfortable home environment is vital to keeping your family healthy and happy. Temperature, humidity and air quality can directly affect the environment of your home.

To cold or too warm can cause health issues for those with weaker immune systems, like newborns, infants and elderly people.

Humidity can also impact the comfort level as well as health. If the air is too dry, causes difficulty to breath. When humidity levels are too high, there is more moisture in the air which can invite mold, and mildew into your home leading to severe respiratory problems.

Finally, the air quality is also a factor affecting comfort. Contaminants, allergens and pollutants from outdoors come in and out of your home as your guest do. They can impact respiratory health, triggering asthma symptoms and asthma attacks.

Taking steps like installing an air scrubber, or owning a maintenance plan policy will definitely increase the level of comfort from your home. Maintaining your system will consume less electricity and will alleviate stress from the system, so its always ready for when its needed. You cant put a price on comfort. That is why we offer a great service plan at Cool Air Pros.

All The Best,

Cool Air Pros